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Caring and Sharing

are top of the agenda! 

We are a Montessori Nursery with added structure to prepare children for school readiness, celebrating every one of their achievements, making them resilient and indeed creating a firm foundation for the rest of their lives.  We are privileged enough to have an enormous walled garden in which children are safe and free to explore the outdoors. We practice mindfulness and philosophy, which can help children to enhance their observational skills and focus, regulate their emotions and can be beneficial to their social, emotional and cognitive development.  

·   We aim to be a reflective practice, always striving to give the child and their parents the best nursery experience possible.   We ensure everyone is included and appreciated for their uniqueness. 

· We earn the trust and confidence of the parents and their children by delivering what we promise.  We take safeguarding very seriously and ensure that the safety of our pupils is of the utmost priority at all times.  Staff are thoroughly vetted and also trained in safeguarding.

·  Little Cherubs Nursery School  offers an outstanding service and always puts its pupils and their parents first.  We provide a service to each in order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction from both.  Children are safe and happy, achieving, belonging and contributing.

·    For Little Cherubs Nursery School to achieve this satisfaction, the quality of our work and attitudes must meet the highest standards.

·  We must always conduct ourselves in a caring, ethical, legal and socially responsible fashion.  Our integrity must never be compromised.

The Carmelite Priory
Pitt Street, Kensington
London W8 4JH
Tours usually take place on Tuesdays &  Thursdays at 9.45am during term time                                
Tel: 07810712241
Principal: Mrs M Colvin

 All correspondence to: 
114 Hurlingham Road,  London SW6 3NP

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