Little Cherubs Nursery



Fri. 6/28 9:00 AM Teddy Bear Picnic The children may bring in a Teddy Bear or soft toy to nursery. We shall all prepare a picnic to be enjoyed outdoors.
Mon. 7/1 9:00 AM Project: Children's Traditional Literature
10:00 AM End of Term School Reports will be issued to parents
Tue. 7/2 10:00 AM Children's End of term party Children may come in wearing either party clothes or dress up clothes.
Wed. 7/3 10:30 AM Children's End of Term Play and Graduation Children not graduating are to arrive as usual at 9.00am wearing a costume of their choice. Children from the Bumblebee class will be graduating and will need a clean smock. Their costume will be put on after graduation. Doors will re open from 10.... more
Thu. 9/5 9:00 AM Start of Autumn Term 2019
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