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Quotes We want to especially thank you for all that you have done to help our child develop into the clever, confident, fun loving little girl she has become today. We are so proud of her and so much of what she has learned has been at Little Cherubs. Thank you for providing such a warm, welcoming, fun and safe place to play make friends and learn. It's been an amazing time and memorable experience for her and most importantly she's made great friends, developed a love of learning and is super excited to start 'big school'. Thank you for everything and we wish you all the best in the future at Little Cherubs! Quotes

Quotes I wish to thank you for providing such a nurturing environment for our child. You make it look easy, I know it's not! I am confident that you have prepared him well for school and I know he has loved his time at Little Cherubs. He will miss you - we'll all miss you! Quotes

Quotes Thank you for the great time you are offering our daughter. We love you and your school. Quotes

Quotes A big thank you for a great start to school life. Our daughter has been so happy at Little Cherubs and has really flourished in her first year with you. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much for creating such a loving school that my son has enjoyed tremendously. Little Cherubs has been the perfect platform for him to begin his education. We are so grateful to all of you. Quotes

Quotes Our warmest thanks for everthing you have done and continue to do for our boys. They are so fond of and enthusiastic about your school, and seeing them grow and develop has been an amazing experience and largely attributable to your efforts. Quotes

Quotes Our child concludes her weekends looking forward to nursery on Monday! She often shares one of her recently learned songs with us. The social skills and learning foundation that Little Cherubs has given her will stand her in great stead at her next school. My husband and I both feel that the atmosphere you have creaed at Little Cherubs is something quite special; caring and gentle and yet not without a keen appreciation that structure and learning are crucial to progress and contentment. Our friends tire of hearing our praise for what you have achieved. Our deepest thanks. Quotes

Quotes Dear Mylene and Ron, thank you so much for everthing you have done for our child (and us) over the last two years. Your support and kindness have meant a great deal to our family - and helped to make our time in London even better. It has been wonderful for us to see our child progress into the energetic, fun loving boy that he is. It has been an absolute joy for us to see him developing so well and his interest in learning is increasing all the time. I will truly miss seeing you both at the door for drop-off/pick up! We wish you every success for the future .... Little Cherubs is a special place ....I just wish you had a little branch in Sydney for our other child! Quotes

Quotes We cannot miss the opportunity to express how happy we have been during the time our child spent at Little Cherubs. We brought you a 2 year old baby and two years later we have a 4 year old, very talkative, self assured and smart girl! We know she has a bubbly character but a big part of what she is today is due to her time at Little Cherubs Nursery. Many, many thanks for that! Quotes

Quotes Thank you SO MUCH for all your sweet words, kindness, insight, joy, patience and perseverance with our child. He has grown so much socially, linguistically and academically since starting at Little Cherubs AND he loves it! Thank you. Quotes