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Young children need to consider themselves individuals who can learn, who have learned in the past, and who can tackle challenging or confusing tasks without feeling overwhelmed. We provide a joyful, interesting environment, furnished with a wealth of educational and stimulating equipment, technology, musical instruments and toys. We follow the Montessori philosophy and we utilise an extensive variety of Montessori learning material, exercises and experiments, which each child is encouraged and shown how to use. We allow children to explore physically and intellectually, each at their own pace, without rush and anxiety. This enables children to find learning a natural and unforced concept. Goals and plans are made flexible and come alive day by day by means of interesting activities in which the children can make genuine choices. Our observation and planning skills enable us to constantly monitor how each child responds to engaging activities, ensuring maximum progression.

Creative Thinking and Development Skills...

Creative thinking is encouraged and children are introduced to number and letter games, exercises and equipment, which develop their foundation skills for reading, writing and arithmetic. Practical life skills are developed by activities such as pouring, sorting, spooning, matching, lacing, buttoning and even cooking! This training helps children to become independent.

Learning about the solar system, science experiments,  the continents, our bodies and organs,  Dinosaurs, endangered species, domestic and farmyard animals, means of transportation,  the seasons, recycling , road safety, etc. etc., is part of the extensive and progressive curriculum, mainly involving Montessori equipment and exercises which enable children to become aware and take care of the world in which they live.  Science is introduced at a young age and this encourages the children to speculate what might happen in an experiment an enhances their love of learning.

Music is an integral part of our curriculum. Most traditional and modern songs, hymns and nursery rhymes are accompanied with actions and a great deal of enthusiasm. The nursery is equipped with a variety of instruments with which the children can experiment.

The French language is also introduced through songs, and the children learn the days of the week, numbers, colours and some basic French vocabulary.

Dance and drama enhance self-expression and assist in the development of large motor skills of balance and co-ordination. 

Cooking lessons take place on Friday mornings and the children are able to eat what they have cooked at snack time.

Art and craft involves painting, glueing, sticking and play dough, where each child discovers the fun of messy learning.

All children's work is their own and is not modified for them. During our afternoon sessions and at no additional cost, we carry out various workshops in the following subjects:

Yoga for Children (stretch & bend)
Ballet / Dance

A Sound Belief in Moral Values, Inclusion and Social Behaviour...

We also value children as 'working partners'. Children like to feel they are being helpful and through being involved in the daily routines, they also learn a wide range of skills and ideas. Older children are encouraged to share their 'expertise' with their younger peers, thus re-enforcing what they have learnt whilst building stronger bonds and friendships.  We respect parents as partners with us,  as together we tailor make each child's learning plan.  We keep them informed on a daily, weekly and termly basis  through a noticeboard,  communications notebook, newsletter,  parent teacher meetings, parents' evening,  school report and children's profile books.  Ms Mylene, the school principal, has an 'open door' policy and she and the teachers are at hand to discuss any issues that may arise.

We are inclusive of all children.   There is accessibility to the premises for all.  We have outside and sensory play opportunities and we provide for children with special educational or dietary  needs and we work  in collaboration with other agencies.

Little Cherubs is primarily a Christian nursery school, where prayers are said before snack and religious songs and stories are  incorporated in our curriculum,.  However, children of all cultures, beliefs and nationalities are most welcome. We aim to develop the child's moral behaviour and a strong conscience. Our goal is that children should understand what is right, what is wrong and why. We beleive that children are deeply influenced by adults, they are keen to identify and imitate us and so our aim in this area is to lead by example rather than teach. Our role and values are of utmost importance in modelling the child, we don't promise to be saints, but at least to practice what we preach!

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  Proverbs 22:6

Love, kindness, helpfulness, caring and sharing are top of the agenda!

School Location

The Carmelite Priory
Pitt Street, Kensington, London W8 4JH

Carmelite Priory, Pitt Street, Kensington, London W8 4JH


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